Back ‘N’ Forth Club

What is the Back ‘N’ Forth Club?

The Back ‘N’ Forth Club is a free program of SLO Regional Rideshare that assists employers in educating and empowering their employees to make smart commute choices by supplying them with the tools and incentives they need. It saves money, creates a more productive, positive work environment, adds parking and reduces employee stress.

What’s included?

  • Commute Survey and Trip Reduction Plan, created specifically for your business
  • Program launch support
  • New hire packets that include transportation information
  • Transportation Center boards for break rooms and common areas
  • Information and support launching a pre-tax vanpool and/or transit benefit or bike subsidy
  • Vanpool coordination, including access to a regional $400 per-month subsidy for new vanpools
  • Personalized trip training for employees
  • Free bike locker access throughout the county
  • Event mini-grants and support for internal or community events promoting alternative transportation
  • Carpool pass management support and tools for employers with carpool parking
  • Commuter Store where employees can spend trip logging points on Back ‘N’ Forth Club gear to improve their commutes
  • Custom online trip logging and incentive management software for implementing challenges, incentives, carpool matching, program impact data, transportation coordination, and much more
  • Emergency Ride Home & Safe Routes to School programs to address commuter concerns
  • Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards program, paid at-cost by employer, and administered by SLOCOG

How do I get started?

For more information on joining the Back ‘N’ Forth Club, please contact Rideshare’s Employer Commute Coordinator, Peter Williamson – 805-597-8022 or

See the list of current Back ‘N’ Forth Club Members >>