Back ‘N’ Forth Club – For Commuters in San Luis Obispo County, CA

The Back ‘N’ Forth Club is a free program of SLO Regional Rideshare in San Luis Obispo County that helps you make smart commute choices by carpool, vanpool, bus, bike, or foot. We are dedicated to helping you find an alternative to driving alone that helps you: save money, improve your health, and be green. Please note that our program only applies to those who live and/or work in San Luis Obispo County, CA. (If you’re outside of this area, try searching online for “Commuter Benefits + [your area]” to find programs like ours near you.)

If you work for any of these SLO County employers, you will want to talk with your human resources or facilities department to learn about your commuter benefits program. Your employer’s Back ‘N’ Forth Club liaison (we call them “Lead Super Commuters”) can get you a private URL where you can access your commuter benefits. is your portal for accessing commuter program benefits:

  • Access employer rewards
  • Enter monthly sweepstakes and earn various rewards
  • Redeem toward a Guaranteed Ride Home should the unexpected happen
  • Look for carpool/vanpool matches and compare commute options/routes
  • Compete in commuter challenges (such as for Bike to Work Day and Rideshare Week)
  • Track your commute impacts
  • Access free regional bike lockers (i.e.: you can bike and carpool to work if you live further away)
  • Find shared rides to events
  • AND much more!

Willing to make a smart commute, but do not have time or know how to get started? Our commute concierge will personally find you a carpool, vanpool, bus route, or bike mentor/resource to get you started!

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