Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards Program

Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards is part of the Back ‘N’ Forth Club program, designed to provide incentives for employees who use sustainable transportation when commuting to and from work. Employees record trips made by foot, bike, carpool, vanpool, bus or telecommute into their personal calendars at and then redeem points for gift cards. SLOCOG/Rideshare administers the program for the employer.

Who should provide Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards?

Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards are ideal for businesses and organizations that don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk (pun intended). There are a lot of ways to be “green” and transportation is an important piece of that puzzle, especially in San Luis Obispo County. In April 2010, the Green House Gas Emissions Inventory of San Luis Obispo County indicated that 63.4% of emissions come from transportation! If you’d like to position yourself as a sustainable organization, the Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards will help you achieve measurable reductions in Green House Gas Emissions by encouraging positive changes in employee commute habits.

Unlike sustainable strategies that involve building modifications or green technology, Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards uses your most important asset, your employees. As a result, you’ll not only reduce Green House Gas Emissions, but you’ll add “green” to your employees’ wallets through significant commute cost savings, encourage healthier lifestyles and experience an increase in employee morale. Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards is for the employer who can think outside the box (or building). This incentive program is provided at-cost because we want to support your decision to reward your employees for making smart commute choices.

How does it work?

Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards is operated as a points-program through a specially tailored network at Employees log their smart commuting trips and receive points that are redeemable for gift cards. Redeemed rewards are processed by SLOCOG/Rideshare and emailed to each employee’s email address within a few weeks.

What do employees get?

• Rewarded! When they log a trip made by alternative transportation into their online calendar, they’ll receive points that are redeemable for incentives.
• Access to their own personal Green House Gas, commute costs, caloric, miles and trip reductions made by not driving alone.
• Heightened morale knowing that their employer supports and rewards sustainability.

What does it cost?

Cost is dependent on the number of participating employees and how much the employer wants to spend. Typically, the total cost per employee is around $100/year but we really can make the program work for any budget. All we need is your commitment!

How to get started

Starting Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards at your organization is easy!

Contact Peter Williamson, Employer Commute Coordinator, at (805) 547-1022 or