Welcome to the Reimagined SLO Transit

Service Changes Go Into Effect On June 18, 2017

A reimagined and improved San Luis Obispo Transit System (SLO Transit) makes its debut on Sunday, June 18, 2017 with new routes, new schedules, and a moderate expansion of service. The public will be provided with free rides systemwide on Sunday, June 18 as an encouragement to ride and become acquainted with the new system. Changes in the service are per the City’s Adopted 2017-22 Short Range Transit plan and are supported by State and Federal Grants, as well as the newly approved fares. Service changes developed, based on data and public feedback, refresh the transit system with efficiencies and new meaningful connections.
Route improvements include a new route nomenclature. Further, bidirectional service will be offered on all routes identified with “A” and “B” designations. “A” Routes (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) travel clockwise and “B” Routes (1B, 2B, 3B, 4B) travel counterclockwise. Nearly all existing SLO Transit bus stops will be serviced by the new routes, along with 12 additional new bus stops. There is a moderate expansion of service. Schedule improvements include: 6 AM – 10 PM service during the academic year, 6 AM – 9 PM during the summer and winter, and 8 AM – 9 PM weekend service. A single ride fare will increase to $1.50 per trip, with a $0.75 senior/disabled discount. Multi-day and multi-trip pass types are also offered at new discounted rates.
New routes, schedules, and fares are the next step in a series of improvements for SLO Transit. Three upgraded buses were introduced to its fleet on March 9, 2017, in addition to new bus stop signage and new bus passes. “It is our hopes that these service changes help meet current demands of our 1.1 Million annual riders; as well as encourage many others to consider using public transit for their school, work and other trips around town.” said Gamaliel Anguiano, Transit Manager. More details regarding route and schedule changes available online at slotransit.org.