511 Trip Planning

Know before you go! 511 is a three digit telephone phone number and online trip planner that provides consolidated transportation information on road conditions, commute costs, public transportation, ridesharing and roadside assistance in English and Spanish. 511 is available in San Luis Obispo County, Inland Empire, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego and throughout the nation. To access the transportation information, dial 5-1-1 from any phone or start planning your trip below! Just enter your origin and destination and let 511 get you there.

San Luis Obispo County’s 511 is spearhead by SLO Regional Rideshare, a division of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, and is funded by a Caltrans New Freedom Grant. As the first rural 511 in the nation, Rideshare will continue to advocate for more funding to make the system more robust for people living, working and visiting San Luis Obispo County.