Safe Routes to School

Bike to School Day is May 3, 2023

Thousands of schools across America participate in Bike to School Day every May to encourage children to safely walk, bike or roll to school. SLO Regional Rideshare organizes the event in San Luis Obispo County, in partnership with dozens of K-12 schools and local school districts. The event highlights the importance of safe routes to school and supports healthy communities. See the list of participating schools below.

Don’t see your school?

Email us! We’ll provide you with flyers, snacks, and giveaways for students who bike, walk or roll to school on May 3rd.

Participating schools:

Atascadero Unified School District

Atascadero Fine Arts Academy (May 9th)

Monterey Road Elementary

San Benito Elementary (May 10th)

San Gabriel Elementary (May 25th)

Paloma Creek High School

Atascadero Choices in Education (ACE) Academy (May 4th)

Santa Rosa Academic Academy (May 10th)

Lucia Mar Unified School District

Arroyo Grande High School

Central Coast New Tech High School

Dana Elementary (May 9th)

Fairgrove Elementary (May 10th)

Grover Beach Elementary (May 5th)

Grover Heights Elementary (May 5th)

Harloe Elementary (May 10th)

Oceano Elementary (May 5th)

Shell Beach Elementary

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District

Bauer Speck Elementary

Georgia Brown Elementary

Pat Butler Elementary

Kermit King Elementary

Virginia Peterson Elementary

Winifred Pifer Elementary

Flamson Middle School

Lewis Middle School

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

Bishop’s Peak Elementary (May 11th)

Baywood Elementary (May 10)

C.L. Smith Elementary (May 10th)

Del Mar Elementary (May 10th)

Hawthorne Elementary (May 10th)

Monarch Grove Elementary

Pacheco Elementary

Sinsheimer Elementary (May 10th)

Templeton Unified School District

Templeton Middle School

Templeton Elementary

Templeton High School


Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School (May 5th)

Family Partnership Charter School Morro Bay (May 5)


Event Planning Resources

Need help planning your Bike, Walk & Roll to School event? Below are several resources to help you get started.

Safe Routes to School Family Survey Results

A big thanks to all of the SLO County K-12 families, schools, and local communities who provided input on the 2022 Safe Routes to School Family Survey. We received over 1,300 responses! Your input helps us advocate for additional Safe Routes to School funding and resources.

Summary data collected from the survey can be found here.

About Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is an initiative that works to make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to walk and bicycle to and from schools. The goal is to get more children walking and bicycling to school, improve kids’ safety, and increase health and physical activity. In 1969, nearly 50 percent of all children in the United States (and nearly 90 percent of those within a mile of school) walked or bicycled to school. Today, that number has plummeted to fewer than 15 percent. During the morning commute, driving to school represents 10-14 percent of traffic on the road. Studies show that Safe Routes to School programs are effective at increasing rates of bicycling and walking to school and decreasing injuries, while helping reduce traffic congestion and pollution around school zones.

Encourage active transportation choices at your school with support from Rideshare.

The mission of Rideshare’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is to educate and empower school communities, K–12 students, and parents through tools and incentives that encourage active transportation choices and create change in family/student commuter habits. Any San Luis Obispo County school faculty member, administrator, or parent wishing to build or grow a Safe Routes to School program is urged to contact Rideshare staff for free support in the form of community resources, incentives, and on-bike education for students. Additionally, Rideshare will market your school as a Safe Routes to School community member in public relations activities, advertisements, newsletters, and on our website.

Mini-Grants Available for 2022/23 School Year!

Rideshare’s Safe Routes to School program offers mini-grant funding to K-12 schools in San Luis Obispo County for education and encouragement activities that make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to walk and bicycle to and from school.

Apply for Funding

Free Learning Resources

The following resources were developed to provide bicycle safety education to 4th and 5th grade students in San Luis Obispo County, CA with grant funding from the Cycle 3 Active Transportation Program (ATP). Materials are free for educational use.



Answer Keys

In-class instruction is also available through Bike SLO County with funding from the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG). Contact Rideshare staff at to learn more. Questions? Reach out:

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