Rideshare Week

Super Commuter thanks YOU for making a smart commute choice!

The goal of Rideshare Week is to develop an awareness of how we commute and the impact that our commute choices have on our wallets, our health and our communities. It’s not a mode, it’s a movement. From October 2-6, 2017, we asked you to pledge to make a smart commute choice for Rideshare Week, working to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles on our roadways. You did, and together we all made difference! In SLO County, 683 commuters pledged to commute by carpool, vanpool, bike, foot, or bus, then logged their trips at iRideshare.org.

Rideshare Week 2017 Trip Log Stats:

  • 2,749 single-occupant vehicle trips eliminated
  • 39,022 less vehicle miles traveled
  • 9.8 tons of CO2 prevented
  • $12,339 in commute costs saved
  • 156,415 calories burned