Rideshare Week

Thank you for supporting Rideshare Week 2016. Your smart commute choices made a difference.

Save the Date! October 2-6 is Rideshare Week 2017.

From October 3-7, 2016, we asked you to pledge to make a smart commute choice by signing the Rideshare Week petition and joining the online Best Workplaces for Commuters Challenge at iRideshare.org. We received nearly 300 signatures (294 to be exact) from commuters committed to making a difference in our community by making a smart commute choice during Rideshare Week and want to say THANK YOU!  By doing so, you helped preserve our air quality, made more efficient use of our transportation system and served as an outstanding example to others in the community. You also reaped the benefits of saving money, better health and reduced stress. Great work!

Rideshare Week 2016 Best Workplaces for Commuters Challenge Winners

Making a smart commute choice is a win for everyone, but this challenge was all about competition! The top employer in each size category receives a paid national Best Workplaces for Commuters designation and membership. Challenge winners were determined based on the percentage of the workforce logging their smart commutes online at iRideshare.org.


300 + Employees Category

Tie! MINDBODY (pictured, left) AND County Public Works Department (an existing BWC member)





30 + Employees Category

Transitions Mental Health Association (THMA)





Small Business Category

Bike SLO County




Three out of four of us commute by driving in our car alone. This leads to road congestion, air pollution, effects on our personal health and well-being, and depletion of our natural resources. Pledge to make a difference and make a smart commute choice. Whether you carpool or vanpool, walk or bike, take the bus or telecommute, by pledging to make a smart commute choice you set an example for others. You will also save money, improve your health, reduce your stress, preserve our air quality and make efficient use of our transportation system.