Employer Partnerships

Rideshare works hand-in-hand with employers to promote alternative transportation at the workplace. We have free tools and services that can provide a win-win for the Employer and Employee, whether you’re looking to increase customer parking, increase employee morale and productivity, increase “take-home pay” by decreasing commute costs or position yourself as a green organization. Our menu of services includes Trip Reduction Plans, consultation, presentations, webinars and materials such as posters, flyers and Transportation Information Centers. Every office is unique – contact us to find out what’s best for you.

Benefits of promoting sustainable transportation

  • Reduced commute costs for your employees (increased take-home pay)
  • Reduced demand on limited parking resources
  • Healthier lifestyles and less stressful employees
  • Measurable decrease in Green House Gas Emissions
  • Improved employee morale

Menu of free services

iRideShare Rewards

iRideShare Rewards is an inexpensive way to reward employees who use sustainable transportation. Change is hard, and by rewarding your employees for making a positive change, you’ll experience a difference in employee morale and see a measurable reduction in Green House Gas Emissions. To learn more about iRideShare Rewards and how to measure results at your organization, click here.