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What is Rideshare Week?

Rideshare Week in San Luis Obispo County occurs every October. Anyone can commute for cash and win big prizes if they register and log their commutes throughout the month at iRideshare. Visit our Ri ..more

What if I have an emergency and need a ride?

Certain emergencies qualify for coverage under Rideshare's Emergency Ride Home program, which provides a free or low-cost ride home for people who use sustainable transportation such as carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, bicycling and walking. Emerge ..more

How do I find a carpool partner?

Don’t know anyone to carpool with? No problem! Create an iRideshare account at and explore the Ride Match System to find a carpool partner near you. ..more

How does carpooling work?

A carpool is simple. It’s an arrangement between two or more people to make a regular journey in a single car, typically with each person taking turns to drive the others.  However, other carpools have just one driver who drives each commute. There are ..more

Rideshare Week

Rideshare Week 2019 is October 7-11 Did you know..? More than 75% of commuters choose to drive alone to their destinations. This leads to road congestion, air pollution, effects on our personal health and well-being, and depletion of our natural ..more

Safe Routes to School

Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 10th! Walk to School Day events raise awareness of t ..more

Back ‘N’ Forth Club

The Back ‘N’ Forth Club is a free program of SLO Regional Rideshare that assists commuters and employers in San Luis Obispo County through education and empowerment tools that alleviate traffic congestion, help commuters sav ..more

Carpool – San Luis Obispo County

Cut your commute costs by 50-70%! All you need is one other person. Shotgun! Carpooling is the quickest and most ..more


SLO Regional Rideshare is a division within the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG). In addition to SLOCOG, Rideshare works closely with the following partners: San Luis Obispo Regional Trans ..more