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Summer Youth Ride Free

Youth Ride Free is a Rideshare program that allows K-12 students to take the bus for free during summer months. No pass is required. Students simply present their student ID to the driver (when they've been issued one - for younger students this may not a ..more

Safe Routes to School

Wednesday, May 9th is Bike to School Day! This year, 35 schools across SLO County will participate by hosting welcomin ..more

Purchase Your Bus Pass

Regional, RTA and SCT Passes - click to visit RTA website to purchase ..more

Find Your Ride

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Back ‘N’ Forth Club

What is the Back 'N' Forth Club? The Back ‘N’ Forth Club is a free program of SLO Regional Rideshare that assists employers in educating and empowering their employees to make smart commute choices by supplying them with the tools and incen ..more


Behold, the most affordable way to travel long distanc ..more


SLO Regional Rideshare is a division within the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG). In addition to SLOCOG, Rideshare works closely with the following partners: San Luis Obispo Regional Trans ..more