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Bus Schedules & Route Maps

Listed below are the fixed-route transit agencies in San Luis Obispo County. If you’re unsure which transit schedule you need, plan your trip online. Regional Transit Authority (RTA):  RTA serves San Lui ..more

Important info for college students

Rideshare can help you get to and from class without the costs and hassle of driving solo. Avoid the costs of parking permits, tickets, gas and the time it takes you to find a place to park by taking the bus, carpooling or riding your bike. Cal Poly ..more

Are there shuttles that go outside SLO County?

At this time, Rideshare can only offer transportation assistance to those traveling within SLO County. If you need to travel outside of the county, it is best to contact your care provider to determine the best possible solution for your needs. ..more

Can you help me get to my appointment?

Rideshare doesn’t operate any vehicles, but we can help get you the information you need to get you the right transportation to your appointment. Our Mobility Management Program can help d ..more

Will the bus take my child to school?

It depends on the needs of you and your child. Use the 511 mapping tool on the our homepage to help plan a bus route! ..more

Is there a door-to-door bus or shuttle service?

Shuttles, Dial-A-Rides and Runabout help fill the gap between transit and your destination. They also provide curb-to-curb service, ideal for those with limited mobility. There are several types of door-to-door service in San Luis Obispo County; some run ..more

How do I get a bus pass?

Bus passes can be purchased online and mailed to your home. You can purchase a pass on our website. Regular pass outlet locations can also be found at the bottom of the Purchase Your Pass page. ..more

How often do the buses run?

During weekdays, buses run every 30-60 minutes depending on the location. ..more

How do I know what bus to take?

There are five fixed route operators in our region. Visit our Bus Schedules & Route Maps page to learn which bus you should take or use the 511 Trip ..more

Rideshare Week

Rideshare Week 2019 is October 7-11 Did you know..? More than 75% of commuters choose to drive alone to their destinations. This leads to road congestion, air pollution, effects on our personal health and well-being, and depletion of our natural ..more