What does vanpooling cost?

Vanpool riders share a fee that covers the cost of the vanpool lease and gas. The leasing price depends on the number of miles the vanpool travels each month and the vanpool operator. All maintenance, license and insurance costs are included in the lease. On average, by switching to vanpooling most commuters cut their commuting costs in half.

Vanpool Average Commute Costs Savings

Santa Maria

Paso Robles

Five Cities

Los Osos


$7,764 $7,272 $2,700 $2,208

Paso Robles

$15,828 N/A $10,908 $8,688

*Calculations are based on vanpool vendor estimates and nine vanpool passengers. Savings amounts assume the difference vs. driving alone in a full-size vehicle 22 working days each month. Vanpool costs may vary significantly depending on final agreement between vendor and vanpool coordinator.

**Drivers of vehicles with 11 to 15 passengers must get a DMV medical. The cost in 2021 for this certification is $140.