What is the policy for bringing non-standard bicycles on the bus?

Per RTA policy:

Some bicycles, such as tandems, recumbent, tricycles and children’s bikes will not fit on the bus racks. Standard two wheeled bikes only! Both wheels must fit in the slots of the rack. Bikes must be able to be secured without extra measures like bungee cords.

NO gas powered bicycles permitted. Manual and electrical powered bicycles only. Electric bikes must have the yellow sticker on the top tube before loading. Stickers can be purchased at Bike SLO County at 860 Pacific St #105, San Luis Obispo, CA. If the bike is too heavy to lift into the rack then it should not be in the rack.

Bikes with child carriers or other equipment, which significantly obstructs the bus operator’s vision, are not allowed. Bikes may not travel with excessive luggage attached; it must be removed and brought on board and stored behind any forward facing seat or held on the rider’s lap. Lightweight panniers or handlebar bags are acceptable. 

When the bike racks are full, folded bikes with wheels 20” or smaller are allowed on buses if the chain is covered or the chain is between the wheels. Do not allow the bikes to block the narrow center aisle or doors. They must be restricted to the larger front or rear areas.

For additional information, please see the Ride Guide on RTA’s website here: http://www.slorta.org/ride-guide/