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Are there car-share companies in SLO?

Why of course! There are currently two car sharing services in SLO County. Fun Ride FunRide is a green car sharing service that offers you affordable car rental by the hour or day. They hav ..more

511 Trip Planning

Know before you go! 511 is a three digit telephone phone number and online trip planner that provides consolidated transportation information on road conditions, commute costs, public transportation, travel time, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a ..more


Rideshare helps students of all ages get to class without the cost, environmental and health impacts associated with driving. If you’re a college student, take ..more

Senior Options – Know How to Go!

Rideshare works hand-in-hand with seniors throughout the county, providing tools and education on how to use pubic transportation and community transportation services. Through our Know How to Go! program, we provide transportation information, transit fi ..more

Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards Program

Back ‘N’ Forth Club Rewards is part of the Back 'N' Forth Club program, designed to provide incentives for employees who use sustainable transpor ..more

Employer Partnerships

Rideshare works hand-in-hand with employers to promote alternative transportation at the workplace. We have free tools and services that can provide a win-win for the Employer and Employee, whether you're looking to increase customer parking, increase emp ..more

Park & Ride Lots

Improve your Park & Ride lot! Take the 2018 Park & Ride lot survey now >> San Luis Obispo County h ..more

Important info for college students

Rideshare can help you get to and from class without the costs and hassle of driving solo. Avoid the costs of parking permits, tickets, gas and the time it takes you to find a place to park by taking the bus, carpooling or riding your bike. Cal Poly ..more

How much will I save by carpooling?

Depending on your vehicle and driving patterns, the total cost of auto ownership and use can range from approximately $0.50 per mile to over $1.00 per mile. For a person with a longer than average commute (e.g., more than 12 miles) and carpooling 250 days ..more

What is Rideshare Week?

Rideshare Week in San Luis Obispo County occurs every October. Anyone can commute for cash and win big prizes if they register and log their commutes throughout the month at iRideshare. Visit our Ri ..more