Bike to Work Week All Star Challenge

The best of SLO and Santa Barbara Counties are going head to head!

There’s a new challenge in town. From May 15-19, Bike to Work Week, SLO County’s 2016 Bike Month Challenge winners will face off with 2016 winners from Santa Barbara County in the 2017 Bike to Work Week All Star Challenge at Check this page frequently during Bike to Work Week for up-to-the-minute results!

Challenge Rules:

  1. There are four size categories, based on the number of employees: 10-49, 50-499, 500-999, and 1,000+.
  2. Any day an employee makes a commute trip, meeting trip, or lunch trip BY BIKE raises the workplace score.
  3. The employer with the highest percentage of participating employees with eligible trips wins!
  4. All participants must be currently employed (FT or PT).
  5. Recreational rides (although awesome) are not eligible.
  6. Bike trips as part of multi-modal commutes (bike/bus, bike/carpool, etc.) are eligible if the bike ride is 1 mile or more.
  7. The purpose of this challenge is to get employees on bikes. Have fun!

2017 Challengers (SLO vs. Santa Barbara):

Cal Poly vs. UCSB

UCSB Challenge Statement: You See Santa Barbara by Bicycle – Fiat Lux  – Let There Be Light 

Cal Poly Challenge Statement: no statement provided

MINDBODY vs. Yardi Systems

Yardi Challenge Statement: We’ve already destroyed everyone in Santa Barbara. Let’s see what SLO has to offer!

MINDBODY Challenge Statement: At MINDBODY we’re committed to wellness. We don’t just talk the talk, we bike the bike!

CALTRANS D5 vs. RightScale

RightScale Challenge Statement: 

California’s Department of Transportation
deserves a standing ovation.
Road warriors of San Luis Obispo,
vamos a competios de ciclismo.
Connected by the 101
the Pacific Surfliner, and the sun,
District 5, we’re here to play,
or bike to death this month of May.
We RightScalers volunteer as tribute,
sadling up for each morning commute.
Happy all star challenge everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Caltrans D5 Challenge Statement:

We keep it smooth, we keep it fun, we keep it safe for everyone! Our true color shows whenever we rise to a challenge.

SRAM vs. SBBike

SBBike Challenge Statement: SBBIKE’s foes will be hurtin’ so bad they’ll want to quit twice…SRAM will be “double-tap”-ing out before it’s over!

SRAM Challenge Statement: No one remembers who led at halftime, they remember the final score. SRAM won’t be beaten!