Commute with Confidence – Tips for a Better Commute

Improve Your Commute Quality

We want you to love your commute! If you don’t give your commute 5 stars, we can help. Get started with our Commuter Club here. Or if you don’t commute, but are interested in how you can improve your health, reduce traffic congestion, save money, and preserve our air quality, we can help with that, too! Email us any time at [email protected] to discuss your transportation options.

Learn more about our other programs for students, travelers, seniors and people with disabilities here.

Take Advantage of the “Fresh Start” Effect

The pandemic drastically changed our commute habits and patterns. Many of us have grown accustomed to working from home and may have reduced our use of public transportation, due to Covid-19. If you’re returning to work soon, you can take advantage of what researchers call the “fresh start” effect, which happens when people feel more motivated to pursue goals because of a temporal landmark, like a new year. Set a goal to incorporate more physical activity into your commute and try a new mode like carpooling or biking to work using the tips below.

Incorporate Physical Activity

Studies show that switching from driving to “active transportation” like walking or biking is linked to an increase in physical and mental health. Even you don’t live close enough to bike or walk to work, you can still incorporate active transportation by replacing car trips to other places you visit, like the park or coffee shop. Explore local bike routes here.

Try a New Mode

Whether it’s once a month, once a week or more, we encourage you to try something new! Instead of driving solo, find a carpool or vanpool, try biking to your destination or riding the bus. If you already use an alternate mode of transportation, try increasing your frequency. Practice makes perfect and the more comfortable you become with options like carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, biking and walking, the less reliant you are on driving alone. Hello, freedom!

Conquer Your Challenges

  • Get a Guaranteed Ride Home – Forget your worries! Commuters who use alternative transportation can get a free or low-cost ride home from work in cases of emergency.
  • Practice Bike Safety – Our friends at Bike SLO County have all of the resources you need to learn how to bike safely and confidently. Additionally, our Safe Routes to School education program provides bike education for K-12 students.
  • Talk to a Mobility Options Specialist – Need help navigating bus schedules or finding transportation that fits your needs? Our Mobility Options Specialist can help!
  • Get there with 511 – Not sure where to start? Use 511 to compare your transportation options and get real-time information on current road conditions.
  • Work from Home – If you still aren’t ready to head back to the office full-time – or maybe you’re working from home indefinitely – our Telework Toolkit can help you and your employer or employees be successful.

Questions? Reach out! 

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